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Important Information: INTERNATIONAL WEBINAR OF POLTEKTRANS SDP PALEMBANG (IWPOSPA) 2020 | October 21st, 2020 - At 07.00 a.m -16.00 p.m WIB in Zoom Meeting Application Because Government Reasons

Keynote Speaker International Webinar of Poltektrans SDP Palembang (IWPOSPA) 2020

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Keynote speakers Position

Ir. Sugihardjo, M.Si 

(Head of Transportation Human Resources Development Agency of Indonesia)

Welcoming speach 


Capt.  Budi Mantoro, M.Si., M. Mar. 

(PLT. Director of Poltektrans SDP Palembang)

Dr. Nuril Furkan, M.Pd
(OiC Services Institution of Higher Education Regional II)



1. Prof. Taih-Cherng Lirn. Ph.D. (National Taiwan Ocean University/NTOU)


2. Mr. Ma Junyu, B. SC, M.Sc. (Gentle Company, Islamic College Zhengzhou, China)

3. Dr. Hartanto, M.H., M.Mar.E (Publication and Information Division of Transportation Ministry of Indonesia/PPI)

4. Prof. Ir. Hj. Erika Buchari, M.Sc, Ph.D : Multimodal Transportation  Expert ( University of Sriwijaya Palembang, Indonesia)

5. Dr. Dr. dr. Ong Argo Victoria, S.Sy, S.Hum, B.HS, MBBS, M.Kes, M.H : Internasional Researcher (Internasional Islamic University Malaysia/IIUM)

6. Dr. Fathoni, ST., M.T (Local Transportation Practision of Ogan Komering Ulu, Indonesia)



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